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agenda cultural

Dedicated to surrealist sculpture techniques, the exposition gives a full notion of the development of this form of expression from the 10’s through the 60’s.

To go with the exhibition, there are several Centre Pompidou publications: the "Dictionnaire de l’objet surréaliste", a dictionary-catalogue of 384 pages with 203 illustrations and 72 documentary images, edited by exhibition curator Didier Ottinger and co-published with Gallimard; Surréalisme (one of the “Mouvements “collection): a chronological exploration of Surrealism with a selection of the movement’s key works by Didier Ottinger; an illustrated album of the exhibition “Le Surréalisme et l’objet”: a tour of the exhibition in images, devised by Emmanuel Guigon, director of the Musées de Besançon, and lastly, an album for younger audiences: "Le Surréalisme à l’usage desenfants".
Porte Bouteille - 1914<br />Marcel Duchamp  [Collection Schwarz, Milan, Italy]

Porte Bouteille - 1914
Marcel Duchamp [Collection Schwarz, Milan, Italy]

Surrealism and the object

from 30/10/2013
to 03/03/2014



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