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This conference brings together multidisciplinary and binational scholarship on the city of São Paulo, Brazil, in order to assess how this site of expanding academic inquiry contributes to broader political, social, and theoretical currents.

South America’s largest city and the self-proclaimed “modern city” of Brazil, São Paulo is a dynamic site from which to (re)consider a variety of themes important to contemporary scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and public policy.  This conference brings together disciplinary and regionally diverse scholars to present work that adds to historic, ethnographic, political, literary and artistic understandings of São Paulo as well as addresses how the study of the city reflects and/or challenges broader social, political, and theoretical currents.

For the program and additional information, visit the symposium´s website.



The São Paulo Symposium

from 10/05/2013
to 11/05/2013

Free and open to the public


University of Chicago
Classics Building, Room 110
1010 E. 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637

Cristina M. Mehrtens
Miami USA


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