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The selection will chose from projects to be presented at an international conference to be held at the School of Architecture, at the Porto University.

As an opportunity for public and scholars, the conference "Inter[sections]" offers a reflection of public space and the capacity of generating a sense of place, only possible through a media such as moving image. Applicants can submit either papers- not exceeding 1.500 characters- or panels. The topics must involve Urban Cinema, City Symphonies, Space and Politics in Cinema, Spatial Identity on Screen, Spatial Narratives or Architectures in Film.

For submissions and other specific information, check out the Inter[sections] web site.

Porto School of Architeture establishes call for papers to be presented at "Inter[sections]" conference

inscription dates
in 10/06/2013

Universidade do Porto
Praça Gomes Teixeira 4099-002
Porto Portugal

Porto Portugal


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