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45 years after Buckminster Fuller's Concept of Comprehensive Design, this Conference’s issue reaches out from the utopic idea to empiric ways to endure actualized design tools for problem solving.

Entitled “Rethinking Comprehensive Design”, the 2014 event sets the high standard of discussing the context of challenging mainstream culture of computation. Researchers and professionals working on the field can participate submitting article, essays and other research created material  based on the  four themes bellow

1. Complex calculations to explore, discover, optimize, and achieve design intentions
2. High volume real-time data with ubiquitous social network
3. Cloud computing to collaborate design processes via open source network
4. Integration of advanced materialization and fabrication processes

Besides, the Conference also receives assignments on the specific approaches listed bellow

- Computational design research and education
- Computational design analysis
- Generative, parametric and evolutionary design
- Digital fabrication and construction
- Collaborative and collective design
- User participation in design
- Shape studies
- Design cognition
- Digital aids to design creativity
- New digital design concepts and strategies
- Virtual/augmented reality and interactive environments
- Virtual architecture and city modeling
- Human-computer interaction
- Ubiquitous and mobile computing
- Practice-based and interdisciplinary computational design research
- Theory, philosophy and methodology of computational design research

Those interested can submit a 500 words abstract through this address.

important dates

Abstract Submission
07 September 2013

Full Paper Submission
01 December 2013

Poster Submission
01 December 2013

Postgraduate Student Consortium Submission
01 December 2013

Young CAADRIA Award Submission
01 December 2013

CAADRIA2014 Conference
14 - 17 May 2014

<br />picture Otraff  [WikkiCommons]

picture Otraff [WikkiCommons]

CAADRIA 2014 – Conference guidelines and Call for Papers

inscription dates
in 07/09/2013

Kyoto Institute of Technology
Taishogun Sakatacho, Kita Ward
Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Japan


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