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50 Hybrid Buildings


50 Hybrid Buildings

Catalogue on the art of mixing uses

Aurora Fernández Per and Javier Mozas (Orgs.)

a+t research group, ; Primeira Edição, 2020

edition: español
360 p
13 x x 17 cm
ISBN 978-84-09-18822-2

about the book

Hybrid buildings are urban artefacts which are characterized by the mix of uses. They share a hazardous life, full of obstacles and setbacks. Those who manage to be built and endure are true survivors of a rare and vigorous species that grows in places of opportunity, making its way through the speculative weeds.

In this Catalogue on the Art of Mixing Uses, a+t research group rescues 50 HYBRID BUILDINGS, designed from the end of the 19th century to the present. Each of them is drawn in section, with its functions in sight, and tells us a stimulating story.

50 HYBRID BUILDINGS is a powerful learning tool for students, faculty and architects combining history, design and graphics to reveal how to break with typology.

about the author

Aurora Fernández Per

Javier Mozas

how to quote

PER, Aurora Fernández; MOZAS, Javier (Orgs.). 50 Hybrid Buildings. Catalogue on the art of mixing uses. Primeira Edição, , a+t research group, 2020.




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