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I´m still here

I´m still here

A New Philosophy of Alzheimer Care

John Zeisel

Avery/Penguin Group, New York; 1st edition, 2010

edition: english
262 p
14 x 21 cm

I´m still here

about the book

There currently is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease— though it can be treated. For the last fifteen years, John Zeisel, Ph.D. has spearheaded a movement to treat Alzheimer’s non-pharmacologically by focusing on the mind’s strengths.
I’m Still Here is a guidebook to Dr. Zeisel’s treatment ideas, showing the possibility and benefits of connecting with an Alzheimer’s patient through their abilities that don’t diminish with time, such as understanding music, art, facial expressions, and touch. By harnessing these capacities, and by using other strategies, it’s possible to offer the person a quality life with connection to others and to the world.
In March 2013, Dr. Zeisel and his work will be the focus of the program airing on public television stations entitled “Hopeful Aging,” bringing his life-changing ideas to a national audience.

about the author

John Zeisel
Founder of the I’m Still Here Foundation, which was established in 1996 with donations from families and donors who benefitted from and committed to advancing nonpharmacological methods and interventions for persons living with dementia.

how to quote

ZEISEL, John. I´m still here. A New Philosophy of Alzheimer Care. 1st edition, New York, Avery/Penguin Group, 2010.


I´m still here

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