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Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (1st Century BC), roman architect, author of "De architettura", is considered as the first western theoretician about this discipline.

The portal is a digital platform committed to the dissemination of architectural, artistic and cultural knowledge. Maintained by Romano Guerra Editora since 2000, it provides a book guide, a newspaper and seven specialized magazines, including Arquitextos, and an editorial board with renowned Brazilian and foreign intellectuals.
Vitruvius, over the years, has become an epicenter for sharing academic contributions, essays, interviews and projects in the field. The collaboration resulted in an archive of almost ten thousand articles, with around 200,000 monthly views.
The portal is constantly updated to keep in tune with developments in the field, archiving all material in an indexed database. In this way, the portal is an essential source for the architectural community, preserving and disseminating critical thinking and academic production in the field of architecture, art and culture.

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Abilio Guerra | Silvana Romano Santos |

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Jennifer Cabral

Copy editors
Irene Nagashima
Helena Romano Guerra
Caio Romano Guerra
Ana Clara Alcoforado




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