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projects ISSN 2595-4245


Erected at the beginning of the XXth century, 780 Brewster is a five-storey multi-tenant industrial building with a total surface area of 12,000 m². This brick and timber building was transformed into an office building housing, among others.

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PORTAL VITRUVIUS. 780 Brewster. Projetos, São Paulo, year 11, n. 131.02, Vitruvius, nov. 2011 <>.

Completed according to a “fast track” schedule, the structure meets the most rigorous sustainable development standards and is certified LEED Silver. The main features of this innovative green project are:

  • The reclamation of 75 % of an industrial heritage building’s structure (existing walls, floors et roofs);
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems offering an energy efficiency rate that is 50 % greater than traditional new buildings;
  • Large windows that open, allowing occupants to benefit from natural light and ventilation;
  • The reuse of nearly 80 % of materials such as the metal plates and grillwork adorning the reception areas;
  • The use of new materials (adhesives, paints, carpeting, composites, plaster) and furnishings that contain recycled materials, are recyclable, non-toxic and emit no volatile organic compound;
  • Building located near a metro station and bus stops and equipped with a secured bicycle hangar and locker rooms, allowing users to take advantage of alternate means of transportation;
  • The recovery of recyclable and compostable materials;
  • Plumbing fixtures offering a 30 % reduction in water consumption;
  • Landscaping that does not require irrigation.

[Claude-Simon Langlois]

In addition to LEED NC-Silver certification, 780 Brewster garnered the following awards:

  • Énergia Award, Existing Building – Other Sectors (10,000 m² +) Category, Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l’énergie | 2009
  • Intérieurs | Ferdie Award, Sustainable Development Category | 2009
  • Finalist, Award of Excellence in Architecture, Category: Recycling and Conversion, Quebec Order of Architects | 2009
  • Finalist, Urban Development Institute of Quebec’s Real Estate Awards of Excellence | 2007

[Claude-Simon Langlois]

Official Project Name: 780 Brewster
Location: 780, av. Brewster, Montréal (Québec)
Client Name: Groupe Mach
Project Team: Louis T. Lemay, Partner in Charge; André Cardinal, Architect, Senior Partner – Project Manager; Pierre E. Leclerc, Senior Architect, LEED AP; Sandra Neill, Associate Designer; Chantal Ladrie, Designer; Marie-Élaine Globensky, Graphic Design And Signage

[Claude-Simon Langlois]

General Contractor: Construction TEQ inc.
Engineers: Bouthillette Parizeau & Associés (electro-mechanical engineering) and les Consultants Gemec inc. (civil/structural engineering)
Sustainable Development: Lyse M. Tremblay, architect, LEED AP
Area: 12,000 m²
Construction Cost: $12M
Project Delivery Date: February 2007
Photographer: Claude-Simon Langlois


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