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interview ISSN 2175-6708


Nessa entrevista, feita em Stuttgart, Milos Dimcic descreve o tipo de trabalho que faz e fala sobre as dificuldades de ser contratado por arquitetos para desenvolver projeto algorítmico e participar nas fases iniciais do processo.

In this interview, set in Stuttgart, Milos Dimcic describes his work area and talks about the difficuties of being hired by architects to develop algorithm projects and participate in the initial steps of the architectural process.

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CELANI, Gabriela. Learning from other people's mistakes. Interview with Milos Dimcic. Entrevista, São Paulo, year 16, n. 064.05, Vitruvius, dec. 2015 <>.

Milos Dimcic at a cafe in Stuttgart, during the interview
Foto Gabriela Celani

Milos Dimcic graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, in 2006. He continued his studies in Stuttgart, Germany, where he finished his PhD in 2011, under the guidance of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Knippers. During the studies he also worked at the Knippers Helbig office in Stuttgart. He has more than 8 years of experience in combining architecture, structural engineering and programming. Since 2007 he has been developing automation methods used in some of the world's famous large scale projects. In 2009 he programmed the largest parametrically generated facade and structure in the world. In 2011 he founded Programming Architecture (1) and he has being developing different types of software (including free plug-ins) for very diverse and interesting projects all around the world. Some of the projects he contributed to since 2007 are: Bao'an Airport – Shenzhen, China (M.Fuksas), EXPO Axis - Shanghai, China (SBA Architects), Institute of Peace, Washington D.C, USA (Moshe Safdie), KAPSARC Research Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Zaha Hadid), Crystal Hall, Baku, Azerbaijan (GMP), and many others (2).

In July 2015 Dimcic came to Brazil as a keynote speaker at CAAD Futures conference (3), held at MASP. In this interview, done in Stuttgart on august 21, 2015, he describes the kind of work that he does and talks about the difficulties in being hired by architects to develop algorithmic design and participating in the early phases of the process. There are some references to other German algorithmic design and digital fabrication consultants whose interviews have also been published in this website, such as Arnold Walz, da designtoproduction and Peter Mehrtens, da designtofabrication (4).



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