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The restoration economy

The restoration economy

The greatest new growth frontier

Storm Cunningham

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, San Francisco; 1st edition, 2002

edition: english
351 p
16 x 24 x 3 cm
730 g
ISBN 1-57675-191-0

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The restoration economy

about the book

Although some trillion dollars worth of restorative activity is going on in the world annually, it isn’t presently perceived as an industry, or as any kind of whole. Until that happens, it can’t develop and mature as an industry, nor can research be properly focused.

For instance, those who restore streams seldom perceive that they are part of an overall restoration of the watershed, and those who restore watersheds don’t see any connection between themselves and those who restore historic buildings. They don’t consider that they both share the title of "restorationist." On the other hand, those who clear-cut forests feel a connection with those who build new buildings: They both know they are "developers."

The Restoration Economy exposes the previously undocumented trillion dollar global industries that are revitalizing our natural and built environments. A deeply researched, entertaining blend of business, science, and economics, it documents the historic shift from new development to restorative development that defines 21st Century commerce and government. It is written for a broad rage of people, including strategists, community planners, architects, engineers, ecologists, and investors.

about the author

Storm Cunningham
He is CEO of Resolution Fund, LLC in Washington, DC. He founded Revitalization Institute, the global non-profit academy for community renewal and natural resource restoration, now based in Toronto, Canada.

how to quote

CUNNINGHAM, Storm. The restoration economy. The greatest new growth frontier. 1st edition, San Francisco, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2002.


The restoration economy

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