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interview ISSN 2175-6708


Flavio Coddou conversa sobre viagens e a profissão com o fotógrafo italiano radicado em Barcelona, Duccio Malagamba

Flavio Coddou talks about trips and the profession of architect with the italian photographer Duccio Malagamba, who lives and works in Barcelona

Flavio Coddou habla sobre viajes y la profesión de arquitecto con el fotógrafo italiano radicado en Barcelona, Duccio Malagamba

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CODDOU, Flávio. Duccio Malagamba. Entrevista, São Paulo, year 11, n. 044.01, Vitruvius, nov. 2010 <>.

Instituto de Educación Secundaria, Rafal, Alicante, España, Grupo ARANEA, 2003-2009

Flavio Coddou: What is the main difference in doing a reportage of a young architect’s project that you have just discovered? Do you feel that this "interpretation" would be fresh and free, or rather do you have a feeling of taking a risk of being superficial because you don’t know his/her work well?

Duccio Malagamba: If he/she is a young architect I may not have much work to analyze ... On the other hand, their architecture will surely have much enthusiasm, ambition and desire for self-expression. It's an explosive cocktail and some ingenuousness or a too obvious sign of inspiration from their masters may easily reveal itself... So, if in a project I detect poor or not very original solutions I try to minimize my attention on them while focusing on the aspects that are fresh, solid and valuable. It is clear that my way of portraying a project is a way of criticism but in general it is a positive criticism. I have no doubt that I'm taking risks in this way and therefore I can be wrong. In fact I guess it's easy to fall into presumption ...

St. Jakob Turm y Showroom de Mercedes Benz, Basilea, Suiza. Arquitectos Herzog & de Meuron, 2005-2008


FC: Concerning younger generations, what are the architects with the most interesting work from a photographer's point of view?

DM: Frankly speaking, I believe that it is essential for a good architect to have a lot of experience and some maturity, so I find it really difficult to name someone who is younger than 50 years old. Looking for the "young" among my favorites, I can think of Enric Miralles/Benedetta Tagliabue, Carme Pinos, David Chipperfield, and SANAA ...

Remodelación e Iluminación de la Plaza del Torico y de los Aljibes bajo la misma, Teruel, España. b720 Arquitectos, 2006-2007


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